idea behind Taubert.

 Feelings To Wear

Our slogan ‘Feelings To Wear’ has always expressed the philosophy of the Taubert company and brand.

Everybody can feel its quality on their skin:
With all our soft and cuddly garments you can indulge into many attractive designs and perfect fit coupled with the usual high quality of superior materials and premium textile processing. All our feel-good products are made with great passion to detail. So every woman can be sure to look even better in Taubert garments and for having acquired a trendy, comfortable and matching “favourite piece“.


The people at Taubert.

Meanwhile the third generation at Taubert Textiles of  Reinhard Taubert, Erika Sellmair, Elisabeth Sellmair and Josef Sellmair are managing a well-established and family-run enterprise. We successfully operate this business with a view to the future whilst always keeping an eye on our high quality standards in design and manufacture. A success-story indeed: Taubert as a company are on a stable course for growth, whilst Taubert as a brand is becoming more and more popular with the modern consumer throughout Europe. We therefore have every reason to look forward to a bright future.