UK Fashion Agents The world of fashion sales and buying is a complicated and sometimes frustrating world. Brands come and go, and all too frequently we see our retailers left with part orders, un-delivered orders or non-repeatable stock as the brands have moved on. Here at UK Fashion Agents, we only work with brands which have credibility and have been delivering and producing high quality and reliable merchandise for some time. We always visit our prospective partners before agreeing to work with them, this ensures that we understand them and they understand us, we will only engage with brands that are able to need the needs of the often fast paced UK market, ensuring that our brands will be able to meet on time, and in full deliveries with products that are of the correct quality. In order for us to ‘Sell Great Brands to Great Customers with Great Service’ we need to ensure that our supply chain is efficient, robust and open, we pride ourselves on the service that we give, and hope that, our customers, can join us on this journey with the fantastic brands that we work with. Please contact us if you have any questions, requests, or are a brand that would like to work with us.